Corvidae (Crows 2)

Cyanurus (syn. of Cyanocorax)The name of the crow family as Corvidae was mentioned by English zoologist William Elford Leach (as Corvidæ, which was preference in those days), who used it first in 1820 in the Synopsis of the Contents of the British Museum (London: Richard and Arthur Taylor, 1820), 67. Leach was not named as author in the publication itself, though authorship has been assigned to him for being the Assistant Keeper of the Natural History Department of the British Museum, London.

The etymology of Corvidae points to Corvus – from Latin corvus = raven, and the Latin suffix -idae, which is a transliteration of Greek -ίδης (-ídēs), a patronymic suffix.

The IOC World Bird List itemizes the following genera: